Christin Nevins, Leadership Consultant

Intuition, raw talent, and competence can only get us so far as leaders. At some point, we need to courageously face our personal and leadership gaps so we can grow into the best version of ourselves. More than a decade of coaching individuals as they guide conflicted organizations in rapidly changing contexts has equipped me to create safe spaces for leaders to reflect and mature.

One Thought on Leadership:

“I believe leaders have a disproportionate impact on the lives of their employees and customers. It takes courage, humility, security, and generosity to do the hard work of growth and team development.”

Talk to Christin about:
  • Ted Lasso
  • Recovering from Cancer
  • Raising Teenagers
  • Sustainable Living
  • Systems Design
  • Watercolor Painting
  • Spiritual Formation Practices
  • Adoption
  • Preparing for an Empty Nest
What I’m working on
  • Staying engaged, even when I’m uncomfortable
  • Letting myself be playful
  • Noticing how denial is toxic, and instead engaging with hard truths
  • BA in Communication, Indiana University
  • Pursuing a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, Adler University, Graduating 2024

When You’re Ready:

Call or Text: 317-908-0136