Nikki Miller, Leadership Consultant

Peace-faking, both with yourself and with others, usually seems easier than dealing with conflict directly. I help bring about peace-making: finding authentic and lasting tools to fight self-sabotage and unhealthy relationship patterns. A variety of life experiences have prepared me for this calling, including policy work on Capitol Hill and more than a decade of practice in mediation in the context of family relationships and education. I get plenty of practice at peace-making at home with my best friend/husband Craig and our four children.

One Thought on Leadership:

“When we work through conflict our relationships and capacity are strengthened, not weakened.”

Talk to Nikki about:
  • Literature
  • Karate
  • Nature
  • Broadway Musicals
  • Faith and Culture
  • Parenting
  • Classical Education
  • The Artist’s Way
What I’m working on
  • Owning the fact that bad news doesn’t get better with time
  • Taking risks
  • Following my gut
  • BA in Political Science, Vanderbilt University
  • MA in Liberal Arts, St. John’s College (Annapolis)

When You’re Ready:

Call or Text: 317-908-0136