Three things you should know about how we work:

  • one

    We start with you, the CEO. You are the most important part of the problem, and therefore the most important part of the solution.

  • two

    The kind truth hurts. Our commitment is to tell you the truth, as best we understand it. This can sting.

  • three

    You get unmetered access. You are not paying for time, you are paying for results.

Our Services:

individual coaching

Every engagement with an executive team begins with individual CEO coaching. We also provide executive coaching for C-level executives who are hungry for leadership growth. You receive unmetered access to your coach to build self-awareness, capacity, and maturity. This foundation is required for team transformation.

common outcomes

    • See your blind spots.
    • More durability and resiliency.
    • More capability and maturity.
    • Greater influence, deeper trust.
    • An ally with whom you can be real.
    • New eyes to see and a new zeal to impact.
executive team coaching

With a CEO relationship established, we’re positioned well to engage the entire executive team. These engagements leverage the Enneagram, a personality model that generates deep insights and a pathway for maturation. We build executive teams’ capacity to give and receive hard feedback, to restore damaged-trust relationships, and to build the leadership capacity of others.

common outcomes

    • Deeper collaboration.
    • A culture of trust.
    • A renewed sense of unity and shared mission.
    • Greater fulfillment and enjoyment.
    • Greater effectiveness and efficiency.
    • Health and balance.
    • Reduced anxiety.
    • Improved creativity.
    • A more durable, capable, mature, and resilient team.
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When You’re Ready:

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