Andrew Hoffman, Leadership Consultant

Leadership is the ultimate form of stewardship– an opportunity we have each day to take inventory of our resources, scan our environments, and reflect on how well we care for them.  Being a steward is less about controlling the environment and more about creating conditions that enable flourishing. And many years working in under-resourced environments have shown me that we steward best when we steward together.

One Thought on Leadership:

“The invitation to become a better version of ourselves surrounds us every day. The question is whether we’re mindful enough to see it and are courageous enough to choose it.”

Talk to Andrew about:
  • Decentralized Volunteerism
  • Becoming a Bike Mechanic
  • Neighborhood Development
  • All Things Cycling
  • Ultra Marathoning
  • Coaching Youth
  • YouTube & Content Creators
  • Corporate Responsibility & Philanthropy
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Favorite Podcasts
  • Finding the perfect GIF
What I’m working on
  • Engage first, observe later
  • Discerning the differences between my feelings and thoughts
  • Not having all the answers
  • BA in Business Management, Huntington University
  • MBA, Taylor University
  • CFRM, Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy

When You’re Ready:

Call or Text: 317-908-0136