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Chip Neidigh

Feeling My Feelings

I used to believe that if I wasn’t happy, then something was wrong, and something needed to change. I’ve come to believe that life is about both ups and downs, and that there are appropriate human emotional reactions to both. Fear, anger, and sadness are every bit a natural part of the journey as joy.

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Wesley Cate

Is it Burnout or your Inner Critic?

There’s a lot of talk right now about burnout (NYTimes, Washington Post, FastCompany). For CEOs/Founders, the pain of needing to be the one to bring the energy and vision to your team when you don’t have any can be especially acute. I’ve experienced cycles of motivation and demotivation over the course of my career and…

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Nikki Miller

Information creates the illusion of growth

Ancient wisdom says that knowledge “puffs up” and that fits with my experience. Getting a hit of new knowledge from a podcast, book, or latest HBR issue puffs me up with false confidence. If I get a chance to pass it along, well then, I get a little more puffed up. I have done this…

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Jeff Hastings

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Success-Driven Thinking

I spent three decades in the tech/software development industry with a lopsided fixation on success.  Toward the end of my time as a business owner, I experienced a significant period of burnout. I thought the burnout was circumstantial, but after selling my business I came to realize that I had been falling prey to my…

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Alyssa Johnson

Transformation is a Practice

My EDGE Mentoring group is working through Seth Godin’s recent book on creativity, The Practice. As I reflect on our recent discussion, three quotes really jump out at me.  They speak to where I’m currently at in my growth as a leader and a human being.  I want to invite you into my journey a…

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