Consider the biggest challenge your organization faces.
Do you have the leaders in place to navigate it?

We help leaders tackle tough challenges that require new approaches:

For individual leaders:
  • Aligning others to a vision
  • Inspiring action & catalyzing change
  • Taking on new or expanded responsibilities
  • Crafting the right culture
  • Getting "unstuck"
  • Overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors
For organizations:
  • Building high performance leadership teams
  • Managing the human side of disruptive organizational change
  • Sharpening organizational strategy
  • Infusing innovation
  • Re-designing organizational structure
Sustainable, replicable leadership capacity increases your ability to solve your most pressing problems, and to handle the even bigger challenges you’ll face in the future.

Developing Leadership Strength

All leaders have opportunities to lead more effectively. The best recognize this fact and courageously face their own insecurities and immaturities, because those they lead deserve nothing less.
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R|evolution Coaching

Increasing Team Effectiveness

Effective leaders who work well within their silos aren’t enough. Organizations need high-functioning teams of leaders who achieve dramatic results together, across roles and departments.
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Sharper Iron

Leading Organizational Change

Even strong leaders can find themselves frustrated by the complexity, resistance, and drama they experience during disruptive, large-scale organizational changes.
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Catalyst Change Model

Resolving Relational Conflict

Too many leaders avoid tough topics. Unfortunately, unresolved relational conflict erodes trust, impedes mission accomplishment, and gets worse over time.
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Run To The Fire

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Ashley Vukovits

Interactive Intelligence

"After six months of training and discussion sessions, goal setting, personal coaching and pushing people outside of their comfort zone, we were able to really develop the entire group into leaders."

Kristin Fuller

VP of Operations
Outreach, Inc.

"You have an entirely different way of going about your work that I haven’t encountered in anyone else doing what you’re doing... I want to thank you for the way that you have intentionally poured into me through this process."

Carey Lykins

CEO (2005-2015)
Citizens Energy Group

"Your change management expertise helped our leaders engage each other and staff, reduce drama (which had gotten high), increase commitment, and prevent productivity and teamwork from bottoming out during our transition."

Patrick Flaherty

Executive Director
Indianapolis Art Center

"I have seen individuals who would not speak to one another six months ago become active teammates working together with a healthy balance of offers and requests."

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