The future requires you and your people to be more than you are today. We can help.

A leader’s job is to discover reality and deal with it. Compassion generates influence; contempt erodes it. Discovering deeper truths about ourselves can be painful and disorienting. Leadership development is a team sport. Pain does not equal harm. There’s no such thing as grassroots culture change; cultures change from the top down. As leaders gain responsibility, their role shifts from solving problems to building capacity. Productive conflict generates trust, and trust enables productive conflict. Wake up. Stop sleepwalking. We can’t lead others where we haven’t been ourselves. Enduring hardship reveals our character. The tools that worked in the first half of life will be inadequate for the second half. What’s on the inside finds a way out. Our role is not our identity. Uncomfortable experiences create the right conditions for character formation. As the chief executive, you're the most essential part of the problem, and the solution. You can’t read the label from the inside of the bottle. Progress is success. Invite acceptance-based performance, not performance-based acceptance. Our compulsions indicate our areas of woundedness. The only sustainable fix is healing. Conflict is a neutral resource, like wealth or power. We can steward it well, or poorly. Influence starts with the inner game. Human growth occurs best, and is sustained best, in community. Leaders go first. We build trust by speaking the truth.

About Kairos

We are an executive coaching firm. We challenge C-Suite leaders to solve their hardest problems by building individual and team capacity.

What CEO’s Are Saying:

Kairos works with a really interesting combination of blunt force and empathy, and it's remarkable.

  • Jim Turner, CEO, Intelligent Fiber Network

Kairos convinced me: real capacity-building and transformative change starts with the CEO.

  • Mike Reynolds, CEO, Innovatemap

Kairos is very quick to understand the challenges that need to be addressed. They pushed us to enter the danger and really concentrate on the things that matter.

  • Scott Whitlock, CEO, Flexware Innovation

One stupid little thing my Kairos coach taught me (that really stuck with me) is the importance of saying “Ouch.”

  • Mike Kelly, Managing Partner, DeveloperTown

The Kairos team is the only executive coaching service I will recommend. Their methods are not easy and absolutely will expose uncomfortable truth.

  • Dave Roberts, Former CEO, Enerdel + Chief Innovation Officer, IEDC

Working with Kairos can be a little scary-- you learn some things about yourself that can scare you. It's like stepping off a cliff.

  • Jason Bane, President, Bane-Welker Equipment

The Kairos team brought powerful, reflective practices that helped our team build trust and candor.

  • Don Wettrick, President/Founder, STARTedUP Foundation

We weren't in a crisis, but their work deepened our trust. When we did hit a tidal wave like the pandemic, we were able to row stronger together.

  • Amanda Welu, Partner, DELV Design

Questions + Answers

What makes Kairos different?

We dig deep into the real issues and develop trust before anything else. We only work with C-suite leaders, and we start with CEOs. We work with client teams as a team. We don’t count hours–we focus on getting it right.

With whom do you work?

Executive teams led by chief executives who know they are part of the problem. They have the conviction to sustain difficult work with their teams. They know that if their leaders don’t build capacity in themselves then their company’s growth will be strained.

What do people say about Kairos?

“That was hard. They say things to me that no one else has the courage to say.  They surface things in me I didn’t know existed. They challenge my thinking. I didn’t always like what they said, but I’m glad they said it. I’m better for it. My team is better for it. My business is better for it.” Read testimonials.

Who is on your team?

We’re a small, senior-heavy team of six. We serve client teams as a team. We challenge each other the same way we push our clients. We believe that our relationships must be healthy and high-trust to do our work with conviction.

What does a typical engagement look like?

We start by coaching you, the CEO. You and your coach will walk into tough conversations and situations, and you’ll need to rely on the high-trust relationship you build together. Only then do we start working with your executive team. We often simultaneously provide 1:1 executive coaching to other leaders on your team who are hungry to grow. Our services.

What’s the outcome?

The capacity to tackle bigger challenges with a self-maturing team. Elevated vision and clarity. Leaders who build leaders.

When You’re Ready:

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