The Forge

  • monthly gatherings to elevate the craft and vision of being a CEO

If you’ve outgrown the surface-level conversations and posturing you’ve found at other gatherings of CEOs, it may be time for you to engage with a more deeply connected community, discussing topics that matter more, with peers who can contribute to your maturation as a leader.

The Forge is an informal community of chief executives of sizable organizations, gathering monthly (in-person) to elevate the vision and craft of being a CEO.   Here, we do deep inner work, in community.  

For 17 years, the Kairos team has helped chief executives build elite executive teams, equipping them with new awareness and capabilities to navigate inflection points and enter new chapters of growth.  We’re well-positioned to facilitate the healthy conversations you and other CEOs are craving.

Participant criteria:

1.  You are the chief (senior-most leader of your organization, accountable for a team of executives).

2. You’re not done growing as a leader, and you’re eager to contribute to others’ growth.

3. You lead a big-enough enterprise (surpassing at least one of these thresholds: 25+ employees, or $1m+ EBITDA, or $10m+ revenue, or $5m+ funded) to have similar challenges as other chiefs in The Forge.

Season 2 (“In on the Joke: Creating a Mutually-Supporting, Growth-Minded Executive Team”) is running in 2023 from July through December.  Each session is part of a whole, and they each stand on their own.  You can join us for as many or few of the monthly sessions as you like.

If you meet the participant criteria, and you’d like to attend one or more Forge sessions, click on the registration links below:

7/13/23 4pm to 6pm S2:E1 Building Psychological Safety
8/10/23 4pm to 6pm S2:E2 Executive Team Culture
9/7/23 4pm to 6pm S2:E3 Transformational Feedback Conversations
10/19/23 4pm to 6pm S2:E4 Restoring Damaged Trust
11/9/23  4pm to 6pm S2:E5 Effective Coaching (The Power of the Right Question)
12/14/23 4pm to 6pm S2:E6 Bonus episode: topic TBD