Kairos is a Greek word for time that is best translated as “the perfect and opportune moment.” All moments in time are not created equally; some lazily pass us by, but others we must seize with force. Courageously pursuing a unique opportunity— a Kairos moment – shifts the world around us.

We believe that most organizations have adequate technical and tactical leaders, but that in times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, organizations need leaders with courage, selflessness, and a passion for relational and organizational health.

Kairos is a team of individuals who feel called to walk alongside others on their journeys of transformation towards maturity and wholeness. Our stories intersect for a season with our clients’ stories, their callings, and their messes.

Shifting organizational culture is hard work, but we know that this is the only way to sustain transformations. Each individual in an organization exists within a dynamic human system, and only a community can support and sustain the leadership growth our organizations need. In every engagement, we strive to build a culture of leadership development.

Kairos_Chip_ Neidigh _Headshot

Chip Neidigh

Chief Catalyst

Chip Neidigh builds leaders. His career has included consulting, teaching, coaching, and leadership roles in the U.S. Marine Corps and the private sector. He values servant leadership, right relationship, and the courageous truth. With advanced degrees in business and engineering, Chip combines logic and intuition to help leaders build a better future.

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Christin Nevins

Adaptive Leadership Coach

Christin Nevins is passionate about taking individuals and organizations from dysfunction to function–and from function to excellence. She draws from a range of tools and experiences to bring out the best in leaders and teams. Christin believes change happens best when it begins with internal transformations and ripples out to behaviors, relationships, and choices.

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Alyssa Johnson

Leadership Consultant

Alyssa Johnson encourages her clients to address the hard, but often-avoided issues that get in the way of success. She is able to honor individuals’ discomfort in working through conflict by creating safe spaces for those she works with. During the course of her 20 years in the professional world, she has helped thousands of people effectively transition through change.

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Wesley Cate

Leadership Consultant

Wesley Cate brings a mix of design, strategy, and creativity to human capital problems. Drawing on a variety of disciplines, Wes helps leaders find the right tool for solving complex leadership challenges. By integrating design into his practice, he seeks to listen and discover what’s blocking growth, and then partners with clients to co-create solutions.

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