Alyssa Johnson

20/20 Vision?

So much for the whole “20/20 vision” jokes we heard back in January. Yep, that’s right, it was just 3 short months ago! Most company’s 2020 vision statements seem a little uncertain right now. Unfortunately, a lot are wondering if they will even survive the current situation. Yes, it’s wise to quickly pivot and realize visions need to change if you’re going to survive this disruption. But what about your company’s mission?

As leaders it’s especially important that we move through this initial shock phase as quickly as possible. People are looking to us for direction.

In moments of panic, the human brain naturally reacts by going into fight, flight or freeze:

  • Screaming at everyone to remain productive and ignore the emotions all of us are grappling with won’t engender loyalty or commitment – let alone productivity. (fight).
  • Burying our head in the sand isn’t an option with all of the changes happening at an almost hourly pace. (flight)
  • Pretending all will go back to normal “any day now” is a recipe for disaster. (freeze)

None of these states are ideal for strategic planning and problem solving; necessary skills for vision creation. In times like this we need anchors to hold on to as we’re repeatedly knocked-off center. The company’s mission can (and should) be one of those anchors.

Yes, the WAY we go about doing our business may have to change dramatically in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath, but WHY we do the work we do should not. If we lose track of our purpose, we’re at risk of completely losing our way.

At Kairos, we’ve found that in order for leaders to re-center we need less information being broadcasted at us and more opportunities for sense-making. This includes opportunities to share experiences, connect with other leaders, and learn from one another’s stories. We need community.

In this time of isolation how are you seeking and supporting community in your life?

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