Edi Houldieson, Project and CX Manager

Relationships drive the world, and healthy systems (whether we realize it or not) facilitate right relationships. In-sync families and high-trust workplaces are two examples of systems that can so deeply impact the individuals participating in them. With a background in engineering and years of experience in creating enabling structures for various organizations, I am passionate about helping our consultants serve our clients with efficiency and style.

One thought on leadership

A leader never loses when they pursue humility.

Talk to Edi about
  • Latin dancing
  • Ghana, West Africa
  • Generational healing
  • Korean BBQ
  • Documentaries
  • Interior decorating
  • The Great Gatsby
  • The Lord of the Rings
What I’m working on
  • Connecting honestly with others
  • Intentionally investing in energizing activities
  • Embracing the unpredictability of life

BS in Civil Engineering, Purdue University (West Lafayette)

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