Carrie Sinsabaugh, Leadership Consultant

Over the years I have witnessed the boldness and beauty that people can reclaim in their lives by sharing their stories. I’ve realized that this work creates a ripple effect that extends beyond just personal growth; it impacts every facet of life.

Through my experience as an educator, realtor, and founder of Storied Lives – a program that helps people heal through sharing their story –  I have led people to reinterpret the stories they tell themselves and to rediscover the goodness and beauty of who they are created to be.

One thought on leadership

“Leadership requires entering into spaces in our own lives before we can invite others to do the same. We can only take others as far as we are willing to go.”

Talk to Carrie about:
  • Rehabbing homes
  • Storied Lives
  • Volleyball
  • Tracy Chapman
  • Raising 5 Children/Parenting
  • Russian authors
  • Youth sports – swimming, soccer, running
  • Teaching middle school
  • Sunday night dinners and Fountain Square
What I’m working on
  • Learning that saying no actually gives me freedom
  • Exploring my creative side
  • Expanding Storied Lives
  • BS in Elementary Education from Taylor University
  • Associates Degree in Human Resources from Taylor University
  • Certificate for Lay Leader Counselor from The Seattle School
  • Real Estate License

When You're Ready

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