Sustainable transformations drive good business results. What happens on the inside will always find a way out. When leaders increase their own skills, work more effectively with their colleagues, initiate and navigate disruptive organizational change competently, and resolve relational conflict, they see hard numbers move. They experience increases in efficiency, productivity, profit, innovation, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement.

Ashley Vukovits, CFO, Interactive Intelligence
Before meeting Chip and his Kairos counterparts, I believed that my team was doing well and “getting the job done”.  Through discussions with Chip and his team, I came to discover that a high performing team isn’t just about performing duties.  I became convinced that the leadership team I was managing could improve and do even better things.  After six months of training and discussion sessions, goal setting, personal coaching and pushing people outside of their comfort zone, we were able to really develop the entire group into leaders.  We have had so much success that we are now pushing this program down to the next level of leaders within the group to get even better results.  While some of the program was difficult for people, I believe that they all now feel more equipped to lead and have higher job satisfaction.  I highly recommend the work that Kairos does.
Kristin Fuller, VP of Operations, Outreach, Inc.
Chip & Christin, I am so grateful for the way that you both have walked with Outreach, Inc. through such massive organizational change. I was reflecting this past week on how much I have appreciated the way that you both have sacrificially served us for nearly a year. You both faithfully pressed into a complex web of relationships and organizational challenges and you chose to push through to completion where honestly everyone else in the past has simply gotten off the bus. AND you did it without receiving compensation until the very end. I think what is unique about how you have postured yourselves to us is that you started by truly listening and honoring what you heard. You listened and re-postured yourselves accordingly to where we as an organization and individuals were at. You have an entirely different way of going about your work that I haven’t encountered in anyone else doing what you’re doing. Additionally (and not a surprising byproduct considering what I’ve just shared) I want to thank you for the way that you have intentionally poured into me through this process. I have learned so much from both of you, both in terms of practical skills and deeper leadership reflection. You really have seen me and chosen to not just complete a project but also develop me in the process. In working with both of you I honestly feel like I just completed a class! What I’ve learned about my work and myself is so different than a year ago thanks to both of you. Thank you for so humbly and faithfully serving our ministry and for going the extra mile. I would highly recommend both of you to anyone who asks (and I already have). :)
Patrick Flaherty, Executive Director, Indianapolis Art Center
When I first met Chip Neidigh he had been brought in by our CEO to conduct a yearlong exercise of building trust with the Indianapolis Art Center’s Leadership Team. I must admit that I was very skeptical given my limited yet disappointing experience with team-building consultants.

What happened over the next year not only showed me that I was wrong but introduced me to a powerful, culture-shifting tool Chip calls Run to the Fire.

By teaching us to address real workplace issues head-on instead of avoiding them and hoping they will go away Chip moved a divisive group to an honest team. He did this one meeting at a time, with clear tools to use and expectations for the next. Most importantly, he held us accountable and kept directing us back to building trust and addressing real issues.

Nine months into this training I took over as the Executive Director of the Indianapolis Art Center. The Leadership Team continued in stride and with Chip completed our training. I must add that by this point we were all at a relatively high trust level so the transition was relatively smooth. I also had the benefit of six one-on-one coaching sessions with Chip after taking this new role allowing me his leadership insight and coaching.

Four months isn’t a long time. But in the four months since we have completed Chip’s Run to the Fire coaching I have made it a priority and begun to take action to instill his practices into our workplace culture.

I have seen individuals who would not speak to one another six months ago become active teammates working together with a healthy balance of offers and requests.

I have seen individuals in leadership roles exhibit managerial courage for the first time and grow from the experience.

I have seen this process work and would recommend it for any team looking to build trust and reap the benefits increased productivity brings.

Carey Lykins, CEO (2005-2015), Citizens Energy Group
Your change management expertise helped our leaders engage each other and staff, reduce drama (which had gotten high), increase commitment, and prevent productivity and teamwork from bottoming out during our transition. You brought in a terrific team of talented professionals to provide one-on-one coaching for every executive, restoring trust and teamwork on the executive team. The turnaround was palpable and the team does a much better job of putting the real issues on the table instead of under the rug. You left behind executives who are much more change savvy, ensuring we have internal resources who have developed change management competency. I really value the fresh, honest and open perspective you brought to our leadership issues. You are unafraid to challenge the organization, including the CEO. You brought great value to us during the most critical time in our history. Moreover, I value our relationship.
Linda Q. Everett, Executive Vice President & Chief Nurse Executive (2007-2015), IU Health
In the middle of rolling out a new clinical software system, we saw signs of active and passive resistance from our clinical staff. We wanted this project to go well, but we also wanted to get better at managing future changes. Since we needed a change management model that would work in our dynamic, complex, and highly-matrixed healthcare organization, we hired [Kairos]. Chip Neidigh and Kris Taylor brought us the Catalyst Change Model, which we piloted on our electronic clinical documentation project.

Chip and Kris facilitated the development and implementation of Key Message workshops. These workshops provided a safe environment for leaders and staff to learn the Key Messages and to process through their concerns. Chip and Kris provided engaging leadership to the workshop participants, creating a safe space for them. As a result, we saw a significant lift in the confidence, unity, and commitment of our frontline leaders, which led to a surprisingly smooth launch of the new system.

Also of high value to us was the “RACI” Decision Rights tool that Chip and Kris introduced. Previously, we needed all 15 people in the room to agree on a course of action. Now, we still benefit from the opposing viewpoints of key stakeholders, but we don’t get paralyzed by conflict. We make better and quicker decisions, because of the clarity and accountability built into our decision-making processes.

I’m grateful for the way Chip Neidigh and Kris Taylor respectfully challenged our thinking. Their outsider perspectives and objective evaluation of our growth opportunities were a breath of fresh air. They understand how to help leaders drive deeper engagement and commitment during organizational change. I recommend [Kairos] to all leaders who want to deepen their capability to drive healthy change.

Elvin Plank, Chief Operating Officer (1995-2014), HealthNet
In late summer/early fall 2009 HealthNet was in the process of planning a conversion from Paper medical records to electronic medical records (EMR) as well as implementing a new practice management system. This required an enormous amount of coordination between our IT staff, electronic medical record staff, and the practice management staff plus all of their supervisors.

It became abundantly apparent in a few short weeks that we were having major breakdowns in relationships between the involved departments along with the development of major turf battles for influence, decision-making, and work assignments. We, in HealthNet administration, became very concerned that all of our efforts to implement some very drastic changes could easily be derailed by this fractious, and increasingly hostile environment that was evolving between the staff we were depending on to make it happen for us.

We contracted with Chip Neidigh to assist us in assessing the situation and introducing strategies to improve the working relationships between individuals and departments. Following is what I consider to have been the really effective strategies that Chip used to turn our difficult situation around and get us going in the right direction:

1. He consulted with each individual involved to get their opinion of what was wrong. 2. He developed strategies for improvement that he consulted with senior management on and made changes based on our suggestions and knowledge of the situation. 3. He met with the entire group on as many occasions as needed to get past the hurts of the past and start focusing on a future of working together in a trustful environment. 4. Chip was always well prepared for our group meetings with a plan, but if the group started to take solution-oriented directions that were not in Chips plan he fluidly adapted to an exploration of where the staff suggestions were going. 5. He kept things on track and made sure we were productive and never let a meeting disintegrate. 6. Our meetings were always very productive and I never felt that we wasted any time.

This is certainly a very abbreviated description of the work that Chip did with our group, but the fact is that he helped us get to a point where our staff was able to work together in a professional manner and deal with their turf issues in a productive manner. Chip helped the group identify a process for making decisions, which was very much absent prior to his involvement. He has continued with us by providing coaching on an individual level as needed to help our staff continue to grow a more trusting relationship.

I highly recommend Chip’s services to any organization that is planning to go through a big and stressful change in business practice, or any organization who might be experiencing a breakdown in workplace relationships. I think he understands the impact(s) of stress produced by change better than anyone I have met. He is also very effective in creatively planning solutions that are staff-centered flexible.

Jay Greenzweig RPh, President and CEO, FORCE Communications
I would like to share our experience having worked with Chip Neidigh and [Kairos]. Chip and his team were hired in 2007-2008 to offer consultation and process mapping support to our organization. The initial phase of the process definition was a bit challenging as our organization was resistant to change and very busy with projects. This made the job more difficult than expected and more time consuming.

Chip and his team initially met with our team to define our current processes and to understand our business sector. Once the background research was completed [Kairos] was appropriately diligent to keep our team on task to reach a successful outcome. The processes that were developed have been critical to our current success and ability to compete within our marketplace.

Chip and his team provided ongoing progress updates and helpful insight as to how to coach our team to embrace the changes. I felt that the [Kairos] organization was capable and flexible enough to adjust to the needs of my organization outcome while providing helpful insight as we navigated through a very challenging adjustment.

Last but not least, I grew to have a deep respect for Chip as the project unexpectedly went over budget and he ethically honored our business agreement and worked with us to reach a mutually agreeable economic result. I would highly recommend his organization as they provide our company with strong conceptual insight and value, which has helped us establish a solid foundation for our future.

Murph Krajewski, Senior Manager Creative Marketing, Interactive Intelligence
Having been a part of at least three different personality assessments, I was somewhat dubious when Chip Neidigh approached me concerning the Birkman method. I could typically find some pearls of wisdom from each of the previous exercises, but nothing that caused me to illicit real change in my life or habits.

The Birkman method involved a very simple, low-commitment questionnaire. I was astounded at both the amount of information gleaned, and the accuracy of that information. The graphic report was filled with a wealth of insight, so much so that I was confused until Chip explained it to me. Once my coaching sessions with Chip began, I saw a very dynamic difference between this assessment and others I had used. Rather than taking a snapshot of the personality, Birkman exposes and explains various elements of the subject and then explains how these different elements interact with each other.

The coaching sessions took me from a level of curious interest in the test itself to one of much deeper personal revelation. I attribute several very positive changes in my career and in my personal life to the insight I’ve gained from the Birkman method, but even more so from my coaching sessions with Chip.

Andy Mulvey, CEO (1999-2011), Lafayette Emergency Care
As a physician owned and operated practice, our focus has always been on providing high quality care to our patients. We recognize our inexperience and lack of understanding of many operational aspects of our business. When it came time to consider strategic growth and expansion of our business, we needed assistance. We turned to Chip Neidigh, as a consultant, to help us navigate through this process of growth and contract acquisition.

Chip brought a level of business expertise not present in our boardroom. As an independent third party, his insight allowed for more objective discussions with the board. Chip helped us step back from the project and gain a clearer understanding of our goals, expectations and timeline. One of the biggest assets Chip brings is his keen insight and ability to comprehend the thought processes of those around him. We, as a board, were then better able to discern what our objectives were in this project. Our efforts were more focused and expectations more realistic. Chip also kept the project moving forward with clear timelines for completion of work. He is a pleasure to work with and someone I consider a friend. We will not hesitate to utilize Chip again for future projects.

Booker Thomas, President and CEO (1999-2012), HealthNet
Chip Neidigh has worked with my organization during the implementation of our Practice Management/Electronic Medical Records system (PM/EMR). Without his understanding of change management and his coaching with our core EMR team, our implementation would not have been a success. His ease of working with me and my team; identifying and resolving the obstacles of conflict and resistance allowed us to address those “pitfalls” and move through the process with minimal problems.