Sharper Iron

This is our flagship team effectiveness solution, designed to help a team of leaders perform at a higher level. It includes an upfront assessment of the team and its members. Each Sharper Iron engagement includes a Focused Feedback module, which gives each team member the opportunity to work on the elements of his/her leadership that are most important to fellow team members.

Problems Addressed by Sharper Iron
  • Future or current challenges require a team of leaders to perform at a higher level
  • The team is not generating desired or expected results
  • There is too much drama (either surfaced or buried)
  • The same problems keep popping up again and again

Typical Outcomes
  • Resolution of team issues and problems
  • Increased alignment and commitment
  • Higher trust
  • Growth of individual leaders (greater self-awareness, others-awareness, self-regulation, and selflessness)
  • Internal transformation, resulting in behavioral changes that drive better results
  • Increased knowledge of one’s own and others’ personality traits, to build higher trust and healthier relationships

Case Study: Interactive Intelligence Finance Team

During a challenging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation, Kairos worked alongside a Finance department’s leaders for six months, to help them become a higher-trust, higher-performance team.  READ MORE

“Before meeting Chip and his Kairos counterparts, I believed that my team was doing well and “getting the job done”.  Through discussions with Chip and his team, I came to discover that a high performing team isn’t just about performing duties.  I became convinced that the leadership team I was managing could improve and do even better things.  After six months of training and discussion sessions, goal setting, personal coaching and pushing people outside of their comfort zone, we were able to really develop the entire group into leaders.  We have had so much success that we are now pushing this program down to the next level of leaders within the group to get even better results.  While some of the program was difficult for people, I believe that they all now feel more equipped to lead and have higher job satisfaction.  I highly recommend the work that Kairos does.”

– Ashley Vukovits, CFO, Interactive Intelligence

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