Executive Summary

Laura, a high-potential leader, was at a crossroads in her career. Her manager saw potential in her and sought to invest in her growth. Laura took advantage of this unique opportunity, and her leadership flourished.


Laura felt impeded by blind spots and self-sabotaging beliefs. Her co-workers asked for her input on simple problems, but they didn’t leverage her strategic insights and multi-faceted skill set early enough in projects. She avoided taking credit for her contribution to success in presentations to those senior to her. Conflict avoidance with team members and vendors led to missed opportunities and increasing personal disengagement.

Our Solution

Christin Nevins from Kairos met with Laura’s supervisor to co-develop desired outcomes. Christin and Laura met to discuss Kairos’ approach to coaching, her supervisor’s goals, and Laura’s own goals for the coaching engagement.

The Birkman® personality assessment was frequently referenced during coaching sessions. Laura used the Birkman® to build strategies to communicate with other team members in ways that met their needs. She gained insight about confusing signals she was sending to others. Christin used specialized Birkman® career reports to design and articulate goals that met Laura’s career aspirations while simultaneously adding value to her current team and clients.

Christin built trust with Laura by listening, making observations, and giving Laura assignments at the end of most sessions. “I was frequently pushing her past her comfort zone. Laura was always incredibly honest and direct with me. I’ll never forget the session where her first words to me were, ‘I’ve been thinking about what you said two weeks ago and it has wrecked me.’”

Laura showed courage by completing her coaching assignments. She clearly spent time in self-reflection between sessions. Every 3-6 months, Christin would meet with Laura and her boss together to determine whether to continue coaching or take a break. Their work together continued for 2 years, because all three of them saw an encouraging trajectory of growth that made a difference for the organization.


  • Laura received the IU Health Leading to Preeminence award three times in the last two years.
  • She won a Telly award in the last year for a prostate cancer campaign her team developed.
  • Laura has become a trusted strategic advisor on multiple service lines, advising clinicians on how to explain their services in ways that patients and their families can understand.
  • She now manages challenging vendor relationships by tactfully but directly confronting the most important issues.