R|evolution Coaching

A Kairos team member serves as the confidential executive coach for an individual client for a number of months, helping that client achieve his/her objectives. R|evolution Coaching is often a component of other engagements, such as Run to the Fire, the Catalyst Change Model, or Sharper Iron. Coaching may also be conducted for multiple members of the same team. 

Problems Addressed by R|evolution Coaching
  • A leader is stuck, frustrated in not being able to achieve some desired result(s).

Typical Outcomes
  • Personal growth (increased self-awareness, others-awareness, self-regulation, and selflessness)
  • Safe processing of challenges and opportunities
  • New perspectives (on oneself, on others, and on situations and problems)
  • More options for moving forward
  • More courageous choices and more courageous actions
  • Increased centeredness and peace

Case Study: IU Health

Laura, a high-potential leader, was at a crossroads in her career. Her manager saw potential in her and sought to invest in her growth. Laura took advantage of this unique opportunity, and her leadership flourished.   READ MORE

“Coaching was helpful to me because it provided a safe space to work out issues or ideas. I learned more about myself in the time spent with Christin than I did in the previous five years of my professional career. I gained confidence. I gained assertiveness. I’ve been complimented numerous times now about my presentation skills—a direct result of the boost in confidence. A director in another department who has seen me present multiple times came to me at random and told me she could see that I was becoming more comfortable in front of an audience and my presentations were really improving. I learned a new way of approaching situations and people. Birkman helped me see the different preferences within my own team, but I’ve been able to take a step back and approach clients differently, as well.”

– Laura, IU Health

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