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Jeff Hastings

Leadership Consultant


With his 30+ years of experience as a consultant, technologist, business leader, and coach, Jeff Hastings employs a potent combination of perspectives to assist leaders in their pursuit of excellence.  Having a passion to help leaders grow to meet the challenges they face in an increasingly complex world, he brings an empathetic mindset to the field of leadership development.

The world needs strong leaders.  But leaders need help to grow in their self awareness and in their capacity to lead in complex and challenging circumstances.  Jeff is passionate about assisting those leaders on their growth path. Having spent a career as a technology consultant, entrepreneur, coach, and leader himself, Jeff is well positioned to provide insight and guidance to those who are engaged in the process of creating bright and successful futures for themselves and their organizations.

Key Skills
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Business Process Analysis/Design
  • Management
  • Systems Analysis/Design
  • Organizational Leadership
Project Highlights

Jeff worked with a regional furniture manufacturer to design an enterprise system that would support their streamlined business approach and also leverage a cost effective technology platform to maximize financial efficiency.  He worked with the department heads to ensure that all major business processes were captured and modeled effectively. The system implementation resulted in an IT cost footprint that was 70% less than their industry peers and a longevity of 20+ years as their primary enterprise environment.

A regional home builder needed a better way of moving their new customers through the feature selection process as they designed their homes.  Jeff led a team to work with their selection professionals to design and build a technology solution that significantly reduced the time requirements and data entry errors of the selection process, and also greatly improved the customer experience.  The system ultimately delivered a competitive advantage that the builder was able to leverage to increase their market share.

A fortune 50 transportation company needed a mobile communication system that would facilitate load tracking, process updates and location awareness for their 500+ truck fleet.  Jeff’s team leveraged new technology platforms and our prior knowledge of their technology environment to fully integrate the mobile fleet activity into their enterprise system.  Major benefits included greater efficiency and responsiveness in the fleet planning process, and the ability to capture customer load acceptance signatures in the field.

In the battle to attract talent in the technology marketplace, Jeff led efforts to provide access to new personal/professional development resources for his internal team.  Those efforts included negotiating for state grants to assist in the funding for the resources, and working with external providers to facilitate the professional development.  The program resulted in multiple professional certifications for staff members, which led to the establishment of new service offerings based on the resulting expertise. It also led to a reduction in staff turnover and increased success in recruiting efforts for the organization.

Jeff led an organization through a restructuring process to better align their leadership team with the changing needs and demands of the company.  The process included reviews of current processes and executive ownership of each, and an evaluation of the metrics used to drive department performance.  The project resulted in more effective integration and coordination between dependent teams, and better visibility of, and responsiveness to performance shortfalls within those teams.

During a difficult economic downturn, Jeff led an organization through a challenging negotiation process with a major client.  He worked with the client buyers and purchasing team to find common ground to craft a solution that both preserved the positive and productive relationship between the two companies, and also maintained a reasonable financial basis which allowed both parties to weather the difficult financial climate.

  • BS in Computer Science, Bowling Green State University, Ohio
Personal History

Jeff has been active in athletics for most of his life, first as a high school and college distance runner, and later as a middle school and high school cross country and track coach.  He has also coached numerous recreation and community teams for basketball and soccer. The lessons he learned in those experiences proved very valuable in his career as an entrepreneur and business leader.  He holds a private pilot’s license and also enjoys creating music as an amateur composer.

Jeff has been married to his wife Kim for 29 years and has a very rich family life with three children in college (triplets).  He’s active in his church where his family has joined numerous activities related to overseas missions and local community outreach efforts over the years.