Christin Nevins

Adaptive Leadership Coach


Christin Nevins has been leading and facilitating groups for over 20 years. She works with professionals in a broad range of industries and disciplines with a focus on Organizational Change, Leadership Development, and Conflict.  She believes deeply in the potential of high-functioning leadership teams to transform communities and organizations. Christin sees her work as being about taking people and organizations from dysfunction to function and from function to excellence.

Key Skills
  • Strategic planning and influence
  • Clarifying and cutting to the chase
  • Facilitating values-based decision processes
  • Seeing and bringing out the best in people
  • Getting people unstuck, gently
Project Highlights

A regional non-profit abruptly lost their beloved, long-tenured leader. Days before their annual planning meeting, the organization decided to shift the focus of the meeting to navigating organizational change and took on some pressing issues impacting the alignment of the staff. Christin worked closely with the leaders to design and facilitate a full-day meeting that provided time for the staff to process, address root-cause organizational issues, and face a high-stress project with unity and focus.  A key leader commented, “Your ability to help us through a difficult time was most beneficial. Our staff has been working very well together the last two weeks and we are still talking about how needed that day was. You took a difficult situation full of emotion and helped us not only process those emotions but also led us through defining strategies to move us forward. To date, I think this was the best “retreat” our staff has had, and under the circumstances, that is saying something.”

IT leaders were rolling out multiple systems to increase organizational security, impacting the same cluster of stakeholders again and again. Christin equipped this team to take a unified view of project objectives and stakeholder impact. They developed aligned cohesive messaging to increase  stakeholder engagement and  customer satisfaction.

A web-development team in a health care system needed to work better together in the midst of a turbulent organizational environment. Christin provided leadership coaching to key leaders and led the whole team through multiple team-building workshops to better understand their Birkman Personality Assessment. They focused on mitigating stress behaviors, communicating needs to team members, and understanding how their individual personality profiles handled change. This team went on to receive individual and group awards.

Personal History

Christin has a B.A. in Organizational Communication from Indiana University. A Wyoming native, Christin has made Indiana her home since 1995. She has run several half-marathons and is a big fan of PBS and TED Talks. She loves being outdoors, cooking, and knitting – though she’s really bad at knitting.  Christin and her husband, Adam, have been on a lot of adventures together. Their greatest adventure is raising their three children– Carolyn, Emily, and David.