Kairos_Chip_ Neidigh _Headshot

Chip Neidigh

CEO, Founder


Chip Neidigh is driven to help leaders create a better future. A former U.S. Marine Corps officer, he now serves as a strategic and leadership advisor, helping leaders navigate through complex organizational changes. His career has included consulting, teaching, coaching, and leadership roles in the Marine Corps and the private sector. With advanced degrees in business and engineering, Chip combines logic and intuition to help leaders align and engage their teams during times of change.

Key Skills
  • Managing the Human Side of Change
  • Building Leaders
  • Communicating the Big Picture
  • Brokering Peace
Project Highlights

Chip helped the executives of a regional hospital system reduce the resistance from clinical staff during the launch of a new software tool.  Change leadership training and sticky messages drove deeper engagement, higher levels of staff commitment, and a smooth implementation of the new software application.

A regional utility planned to acquire a new line of business, requiring the onboarding of 400 new employees from 3 organizations, each with distinct cultures. Chip worked with the executive team to roll out a dialogue-based communication strategy, a coaching program, and a refined governance model for the integration teams. The final result was a low-drama, on-time acquisition, with new employees excited about joining the team.

An executive responsible for a 700-person billing & collections division wanted to increase the cohesion and effectiveness of his management team. Chip provided individual coaching, group coaching, and leadership training to support the cultural shift. The program resulted in higher levels of trust between management and staff and the completion of several stalled projects worth millions of dollars in collections.

To ensure that the surrounding community’s poorest residents have access to quality care, Chip led a team that helped drive the collaboration between two competing hospitals and an indigent healthcare clinic. The partnership between the three resulted in $65,000 in annual charitable grants and the creation of a new care network to serve the uninsured that includes both competing hospitals.

Chip served as a project manager and strategic advisor during the challenging, multi-bidder acquisition of Guidant Corporation, resulting in the integration of 430 salespeople from different cultures into one team with a consistent and optimistic voice to the customer. While at Guidant, he also led several process improvement teams, including a re-engineering team that blew apart and redesigned a critical R&D process, reducing its cycle time from 28 to 2 days.

  • BS in Systems Engineering, U.S. Naval Academy – with distinction
  • MS in Electrical Engineering, University of Maryland – thesis work in parallel computing
  • MBA in Finance and Information Systems, Auburn University – 4.0 GPA
Personal History

During his seven years as a Marine Officer, Chip led tank units and then served as an Assistant Professor in the Auburn University Naval ROTC Unit, guiding the growth of officer candidates and teaching courses in military history, leadership, and ethics.

Married to his high school sweetheart since 1994, Chip and his wife have 3 children. Chip gladly admits, “I have learned more about leadership and service from my family than any other of my life experiences.” Chip views consulting as an opportunity to use his unique talents, experiences, and passion to serve those who find themselves in need of transformation.